Welcome Letter

Dear Participants,

On behalf of the Director-General, Mr. Altay Atay and our Deputies, Mr. Sabahattin Öztemiz and Miss. Gizem Akbulut; it is my exquisite pleasure to welcome you all to the fourth annual session of Themis Court Simulations, where the academic quality merges with the operational perfection.

My name is Fatih Göktuğ İpin, a senior Law and International Relations student at Koç University. As in this year, every edition of THEMIS creates an atmosphere for competitive and passionate law students from the best law schools of Turkey in order to meet and discuss carefully selected topics regarding different practice areas of both international and national law systems. Bearing the increasing quality of academic part, we try to push our limits year by year. I believe that our Academic Team members will surprise you with their creative, catchy and intricate ideas; whilst the Organization Team will make you feel at home. Nevertheless, the success of a conference, which we wanted, cannot be reached without you. For this reason, I invite you all for an exclusive three-day experience to define justice together and to be a participant, more precisely, for being a new member of THEMIS Family.

Our forthcoming members will have a chance to experience the 5 different courts in 2 languages. In the European Court of Human Rights, International Criminal Court and United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, our members will understand the notions which drive the international law in all aspects, whereas İstanbul Arbitration Center and Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi will make our members realize the lay of trends in Turkish Law System. It is important to underline that we have tried to scrutinize and find the best options for you in your future law career. We believe that every member of THEMIS will have an exclusive experience

To maintain the success of THEMIS, we have gathered more than 30 successful people from 9 schools to help you understand the basics of different practice areas of law in Turkey. For bringing me into this family and making me at home, I would like to thank Miss. Ceren Aydoğmuş, Miss. Hande Özkayagan, Miss. Aylin İrem Oral; besides, I would like to thank Mr. Altay Atay, Mr. Sabahattin Öztemiz and Miss. Gizem Akbulut for their endless support throughout the preparation process. To conclude my letter, I would like to thank Kadir Has University Law Club for giving us this chance.

I hope to see you in this February.

Kind Regards,

Fatih Göktuğ İpin - Secretary General of TCS’20

We built a platform with enthusiasm of passionate law students, to provide our colleagues where they have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. 

A unique conference on the shores of Golden Horn at Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus.

Under the guidance of  Academic and Organization Team, Themis Court Simulations will ensure that every participant leaves with an unforgettable experience.

Join us on 14th-16th of February where the outstanding academic quality meets the organizational perfection in order to Define Justice Together.