Secretary General Letter

Secretary General Letter


Honourable participants;

It is an immense honour for me, as the Secretary-General of the conference, to introduce to you Themis Court Simulations 2022 edition.

As a leading example for the moot court conferences in Turkey, whether at academic expertise, organizational excellence, dedication for the utmost pleasure for the participants or in our persistency to outdo the previous editions, Themis Court Simulations has always advanced itself each passing year.

In this year, we are more than excited to continue this tradition and announce our courts. Ranging from human rights discussions to various types of international arbitrations, from English to Turkish, we have prepared five unique and interesting courts which are, in no specific order; The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), Istanbul Tahkim Merkezi (ISTAC) and T.C. Anayasa Mahkemesi.

As you could suspect besides the courts and magnificent academy, Themis Court Simulation’s magnificent organization team will welcome with their kind hospitality to make your experience as convenient as possible. Through these regards I would like to thank our Director-General Edige Doğan and his team of colleagues for their exquisite efforts for the conference and its organizational excellence.

On behalf of the Themis Court Simulations, I would like to express my excitement to host all of you once more and say that we cannot wait to define justice together once again.


Kind Regards,

Tolga Yeşil

Secretary General, TCS'22