Kadir Has University Law Society

Kadir Has University Law Society


As the Kadir Has University Law Society, we encourage individuals into versatility and emphasize the self-discovery of inner potential all the while enjoying the moment. Our priority is enhancing the social and personal development of law students by making them experience the Professional life early which would grant them the essentials for their future endeavours. Our first priority is making sure our participants have the “best” experience while they are attending our activities. Law Society carries out activities to support and contribute to participants so that they improve their knowledge and information. Through this determination, we can ensure that the participants will improve both their legal and academic knowledge, and grant them a sense of responsibility and social skills. Through this we aim to achieve making our future lawyers and lawmakers knowledgeable in legality as well as strong strong orators who can think critically and come up with solutions.


With this in mind, Kadir Has University Law Society has dedicated itself to this goal and has been working on it since 2010. The primary mission of our society is to; constitute an interactive learning process where students can apply theoretical knowledge to practice.



In the light of these purposes, Kadir Has University Law Society;

  • - Organizes conference, symposium, law summit, etc. By orchestrate activities, it enables lawyers who are experts in their fields to come to our school and share their knowledge and experiences with students,
  • - By arranging trips to known and leading law firms, it provides the opportunity to get to know the profession and to communicate with successful lawyers,
  • - Follows the work of similar university clubs and other educational institutions, organizations, individuals and communities, participates in those if they see fit and conducts joint activities with them,
  • - Coordinates moot court competitions and case simulations, gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in theory into practice,
  • - Cooperates with the Faculty of Law and aims to make good use of the esteemed academic staff of our school.


President: Melisa PORTAKAL

Vice President: Cansu Bahar ALPAY

Head Scribe: Serra ERSOY

Director of Academic Affairs: Beril OSKAY

Director of Publicity Affairs: Arya GÜÇ

Director of Financial Affairs: Gökçen POLAT

Director of Logistics: Ümit Alan BORA